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Deny, Take Up, Follow

"Words by which you will be Saved"

"Christ did not send me to Baptize"

"Jesus only built one church"

"An Ethiopian Receives Christ"

"Not Given to Much Wine"

"The Plague of Boils"

"More About Jesus"

"Give this Authority to me as well"

Simon the Magician

"Have Nothing to do with Them"

"What is your Name?"

"Proper Clothing"

Modesty; the Language of Clothing.

"Give me the Bible"

Cessation of Miracles

"No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus"

"he puts it on a lampstand"

PMURT found "Guilty?" - Current X Feed

"Today, I gave up on Sex with my Wife"

"Water to Blood"

Diotrephes the Deceiver

"This World Is Not My Home"

Spiritual Agriculture

Christians and Governing Rulers

"Who Can Baptize Another Person?"

The Work of Christ

Aaron's Rod Becomes a Serpent

"Highway to Hell"

"Wisdom is Vindicated"

"the dead man sat up"

"A Centurion's Slave"

"I will show you whom he is like"

Hunting & Self Defence

"The Number of the Beast"

"Do Not Judge"

Why are the Youth Leaving His church?

"God Promises Action"

"Welcome to the Machine"

The Moral Collapse of our Western World

Baptism, what you need to know

"The Blessed and The Woe"

"Good-Hearted Woman"

Spilled Milk Moments in Life

Should I Marry him or not?

Official Apostles, do they still exist?

"Why did You send me?"

"Take it Easy"

"... what David did when he was hungry,"

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"Left and Followed"

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Half-Time Shows?

"The Games Daddies Play"

"come out of him"

Harsh Reception of Wisdom

No, God. No, Meaning?

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Gems of Journey #013

99 blessings to focus on

"tell this stone to become bread"

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"According to Your word"