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Do we have Room for Jesus?

God is Good, always.

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"His name is John"

Love Jesus and Stay Away from Evil Workers

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord"

Mind Science

"Jesus' Birth Foretold"

Continue to Follow Jesus

Why are we called the church of Christ?

"The Death of Israel"

"One Tin Soldier"

"How will I know for Certain?"

"Israel's Last Days"

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"Does the Warfare & Violence in the Old Testament Differ with the Quran?"

Remain Productive

Do Not Lose Heart

"Jacob's Family Settles in Goshen"

"Have you ever Seen the Rain?"

Legal Citizenry

Don't Give Up

"May Christians Observe Holidays?"

Jesus Christ Saves


"Do you Love Me?"

"Turtle Design"


The Devil's Playground; behind the Pulpit.

Current Twitter X News

"Don't Judge Me!"

You Are Not Alone

"Jacob Moves to Egypt"

"Yellow, the Coward of the County"

"Blood & Water"


"Not under Law, but Grace"

Pharaoh Pleased & Jacob Revived

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

"it is finished"

Providing for One Another

"Marriage Defined"

Joseph Reunites with his Brothers

"Big Yellow Taxi"

"I Have Authority to Crucify You"

Mountain Climbing

"How can a Loving God send Souls to Hell?"

"The Return to Egypt"

"What a Wonderful World"

"Jesus before Pilate"

"1 Million March 4 Children"

"Will there be a Tribulation?"

"Joseph's Brothers Sent to Egypt"


Pursue Peace

"I have spoken openly"

EastCoast church of Christ

Beautiful church

Liberty from Gatekeepers

Spiritual Arsonist

Friend of the Devil?

Another Day @ the Factory?

The Sound of, Words?

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”the truth; Your word”

”the only true God”

”Take Courage; I have overcome the world.”

”Your Grief Will Turn To Joy”

”You will no longer see Me”

”If the world hates you”

”Atheist Bible Verses” Pt.2

”Joseph is Made a Ruler of Egypt”

”Shed so many Tears”

”This is My Commandment”

”Atheist Bible Verses”

”Pharaoh’s Dream”

”Dancing Queen”

”These things I have spoken”

Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage.

”Joseph Interprets a Dream”

”Under the Bridge”

”Keep My Word”

”Hotel California”

”Did all the Animals fit in the Ark?”

”Joseph’s Success in Egypt”

”Do not let your heart be troubled”

”Father, forgive them”

Twit Time Tweeters

”Cancel Culture; A Biblical Reply.”

”Here comes that Dreamer!”

”Black Sabbath”

”one of you will betray Me”

”Do you know what I have done to you?”

”Believe in the Light”

”Emotional Religion”

”Sons of Jacob”

”People Are Crazy”

”you do not always have Me”


”Unbind him, and let him go.”

”everyone who lives and believes”

”Nuclear Threats?”

”Between you and the woman”

”Laban’s Teachery”

”Early Morning Rain” (Gordon Lightfoot)

”I said, you are gods?”

The Current Condition of Canada

”Was The Flood Global?”

”Jacob Sent Away”

”The Good Shepherd” (Sermon Sunday)

”Do you believe in the Son of Man?” (Sermon Sunday)

”he will speak for himself”

”Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.” (Sermon Sunday)

The Current Condition of our Nation

”But Were They Really Saved?”

”I do not have a demon” (Sermon Sunday)

”You are of your father” (Sermon Sunday)

”The Stolen Blessing” (Study)

”Where I am going, you cannot come.” (Sermon Sunday)

”Was Jesus Tempted in ALL ways like we are?” (topic)

”The Adulterous Woman” (Sermon Sunday)

The Blessed and The Wicked

”Is God There?”

”Jacob’s Deception” (Study)

”Friend of the Devil” (Analyzing the Lyric)

”The People” (Sermon Sunday)

”John Calvin & Grace” (Topic)

Ministry; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

”Where I am, you cannot come.” (Sermon Sunday)

”Chinese Balloons?”

”What is Gospel Obedience?” (Topic)

”I have not come of Myself” (Sermon Sunday)

”My teaching is not Mine,” (Sermon Sunday)

”Isaac Settles in Gerar” (Study)

”Not even His brothers” (Sermon Sunday)

”SoPo” (Politics)

”Christian Schools?” (Topic)

”Rebekah Is Chosen” (Study)

”Rolling Stone” (Analyzing the Lyric)

”Seed & Soil” (Sermon Sunday)

”Church Discipline” (Topic)

”Gypsy” (analyzing the lyric)

”Are we following Christ this New Year?” (Sermon Sunday)